Hexagonal charcoal production line in Romania

With the thriving of green energy, more and more people have started to realize the potential of biomass materials. The charcoal production line can produce different types of charcoal products. As a machine manufacturer with years of experience, Sunrise Machinery Company has solid knowledge and technology to produce high-quality machines. The excellent reputation of the company does attract many customers to purchase the producing machines. the recent case is a company that is from Romania.

Charcoal Rod

Initial Discussion

In the first E-mail, the company did not provide detailed information. They expressed an interest in the charcoal production line. What’s more, they asked about the specific type of charcoal production line and the machines in it. They would like to learn more about hexagonal charcoal production, from crushing to briquetting. Once our customer service staff received this information, the preparation of the detailed machines and parameters began. In further discussion, the company gave more details about how they want the production line to work. Our customer service staff offered their professional advice and more insight into the industry. Therefore, they agreed on one set of charcoal production lines.

During Discussion

Since the customer specifically pointed out the demand for the hexagonal charcoal, our customer service staff set up the design of the charcoal production based on these requirements. What’s more, the customer also wanted to learn more about the cutter machine, pressing machine, and dryer machine. Our service staff explained the differences between different machines. At last, the customer decided to choose Sunrise Machinery Company as their manufacturer.

Charcoal Extruding Machine
Double Shaft Machine

The first machine of the charcoal production line is the industrial pulverizer. The customer chose the double shaft shredder machine, for the machine can be more suitable for different kinds of raw materials. The customer also emphasized the dryer machine. During charcoal production, the drying process of the raw materials is important but easy to forget. So the staff made a detailed introduction of different dryer machines, and the customer chose the triple pass rotary drum dryer machine.

Since the carbonization furnace is the most important machine in the charcoal production line, the customer decided to use the continuous carbonization machine to fit in the charcoal production line. In order to produce the hexagonal charcoal, the pressing machine is the charcoal extruder machine. The mold inside the extruder machine can form the charcoal powder into different shapes and the cutter can narrow the length of the charcoal rod to the shape the client wants.

Charcoal Extruder Machine

After Discussion

Once the whole set is decided by Sunrise and the customer, the price of the production line can also be set. As a reference, the final cost is nearly $40,000 in this case. The price range can be different due to the specific parameters of the machine. If you would like to have a precise offer, please feel free to contact us. When the customer pays the money, the installment of the charcoal production can also get started. Our workers went to Romania to set up the charcoal production line at the working field, and the workers would teach the local operator to learn how to operate the machine line. If you are interested in our charcoal machines and charcoal production line, please leave your information. The customer service staff will get to you as soon as possible.

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