• Capacity: 300-6000 kg/h

  • Length:  10-12 m

  • Diameter:  1-3.6 m

  • Power:  5.5-75 kw 

  • Warranty:  1 year

More and more people realize the economic potential of charcoal-making production, so more and more people have an interest in the charcoal production line. However, not everyone is suitable for the large-scale charcoal production line. The small-scale charcoal processing line rises in response to the proper time and conditions. Sunrise Machinery Company provides the small-scale charcoal processing line have the same high-quality and perfect functioning equipment as the large-scale processing line. The capacity of the small-scale production line is more suitable for the small business. It can offer another choice for the customers to improve the purchase experience of the customers. Although the small-scale line has its limitations on capacity, there are still advantages of this kind of production line.

What is a small-scale charcoal processing line?

Raw Materials Carbonizing Equipment

A small-scale charcoal processing line is the perfect choice for small business owners. This kind of charcoal production line specializes in handling a small amount of raw materials. The capacity of the small-scale processing line may not be as much as the large-scale. However, the quality of the machines is the same as any other kind of production line. With the production line, the operator can produce high-quality products as well.

Since the capacity of the small-scale charcoal processing line is lower, the machines will not occupy too much space. The compact design and flexibility provide more chances and possibilities for the arrangement of the charcoal-making line. The cost of the small-scale machine line can be much lower than the large line. It makes the small charcoal line a perfect choice for customers who have a limited budget or want to start a new business. The appearance of large and small charcoal production lines is the representation of Sunrise Machinery Company taking the customers in the first place.

What are the components of the small-scale charcoal processing line?

What are the traits of a small-scale charcoal processing line?

Before the customers make up their minds about what kinds of production lines they should purchase, the customer should have a better understanding of the production line and how those traits may affect the production process. The small-scale charcoal processing line attracts much interest due to its capacity and price. The traits are also important.

Small Size

Smaller in size, less in cost

Small-scale charcoal processing line compared with large carbonization production line, smaller size, small footprint, suitable for installation and use in narrow space. The production capacity of small carbonization production lines is usually within limits, suitable for small-scale production needs, and can not meet the needs of large-scale production.

Flexible Utilization

Flexibility brings more possibility

Since the machines of the small production line are small in size, it is easy for the machines to transfer and move. Due to the special trait, it gives the designer great freedom to adjust the arrangement of the production line. With the flexibility, the space can get full use to save space and cost.

Easy Arrangement

Reasonable arrangement improves efficiency

The scale of the small carbonization production line is relatively small, the production process is relatively simple, and the management is relatively easy. Production tasks and production processes are relatively simple, and managers can more easily control the entire process. The organizational structure of a small-scale charcoal processing line is relatively simple, the number of personnel is small, and communication and coordination are relatively easy as well. Therefore, the technique professionals can communicate directly with operators to solve problems in time and improve work efficiency.

What are the advantages of the small-scale charcoal processing line?

Small-scale charcoal processing lines have unique characteristics to appeal to more customers. But what are those traits and how can they attract attention? The following aspects may offer the general views of the questions.

Hanging Carbonizing Furnace

Simple Operation

Small carbonization production lines are usually simple to operate and easy to learn, without complex technology and professional knowledge, and easy for operators to get started. What’s more, the small-scale charcoal processing lines usually adopt energy-saving and environmentally friendly designs, reduce energy consumption and waste emissions, and meet environmental protection requirements.

Low Investment Cost

Compared with large carbonization production lines, the investment cost of small carbonization production lines is relatively low. Therefore, the small-scale charcoal processing line is more suitable for users with limited budgets. Small carbonized production lines usually have a flexible design that can be adjusted and changed according to production needs. For that reason,  the production line layout is flexible and easy to adapt to different production environments.

Barbecue Charcoal Making

How much does a small-scale charcoal processing line cost?

Hoisting Charcoal Production Line

The price of the small-scale charcoal processing line is lower than the other kinds. It is a great example of the capacity influences the price. The normal price range of the small-scale processing line is about $20,000-50,000. The introduction of semi-automatic machines may lower the price. Therefore, the customers can purchase the production line according to their budget and capacity to make up their minds.

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