• Capacity: 1-18 t/h

  • Speed: 5.2-6 r/min

  • Temp of Inlet: ≥300 ℃

  • Power:  5.5-45 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

During the process of charcoal making, drying the raw material is an important step to improve the quality of the final products. The briquette dryer machine uses hot air to remove the moisture in the raw material. The dryness of the raw material can ensure the stability and quality of the final products. There are three main types of charcoal dryer machines, so the customers can choose the suitable machine according to their conditions.

What does a Briquette dryer machine do in a charcoal production line?

The basic function of a dryer machine is to dry the materials. The dryness of the materials may seem like an insignificant factor in the whole process. As a matter of fact, moisture has the ability to damage the final products and the carbonation furnace. Therefore, it is important to have the machine desiccate the materials.

How many types of briquette dryer machines are there?

In order to comply with the higher demands of the customers, there are different types of dryer machines to adapt to the market. The parameters and working method may have some differences, but the working principles all use hot air contact with the materials to transmit the heat to dry the raw materials.

Rotary Drum

Rotary Drum Dryer

The rotary drum dryer is the most common dryer machine in the factory. The drum, supportive device, thermal power device, and other parts compose the machine. The rotary drum is the most important part of this machine. When the materials get into the drum, the drum will start to proceed with the rotation movement. The continuous rotation is beneficial for the raw materials to contact with the hot air to improve the efficiency of the drying process.

Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer

A triple pass rotary drum dryer is a special type of drying equipment with the design for drying high humidity or high moisture content materials. It operates in three stages of drying cycles, utilizing hot air to dry the materials quickly. The hot air from the thermal power device enters the dryer and comes into contact with the materials. Then the hot air carrying the evaporated moisture from the materials enters the dehumidifying device to cool and dehumidification. After dehumidification, the temperature of the hot air decreases. It then enters the reheating device for additional heating to raise its temperature. In this way, the machine can reach the goal of air recycling.

Triplet Pass
Airflow dryer

Airflow Dryer

The air flow dryer is a type of drying equipment that uses hot air to remove moisture from materials. The hot air flows through the material bed, coming into contact with the wet materials. Heat transfer occurs, causing the moisture within the materials to evaporate. The moisture-laden air then expels from the air outlet. Air flow dryers can contain other designs with different configurations and features to meet specific drying requirements.

What is the working principle of the industrial briquette dryer machine?

Although there are many different types of dryer machines in the market, all of them are using the same working theory. Full contact with the hot air can help the machine to remove the moisture of the raw materials.

The hot-blast stove provides the hot air to the dryer machine with the burner or firewood producing heat. The hot air will get into the drying chamber. With the airtight room, the hot air has full access to the raw materials so the design can help to improve the drying efficiency. The hot air will be full of moisture after drying, and the air outlet of the machine gives the hot air a chance to get out of the machine.

How does the briquette dryer machine improve the products?

Drying is a common process for improving the quality of charcoal. The drying process can improve the quality of charcoal by making it drier, denser, and purer.

How to choose the right briquette dryer machine?

With so much information on the charcoal drying machine, people may wonder how to choose the suitable machine for their factories. To start with this question, a trustworthy manufacturer is what you need. Sunrise Machinery company has many years of experience in producing machines, so there are several factors that may have influence on your decision about which machine to purchase.


The price range of the drying machine can be huge, so the customer should compare the price several times before the purchase. Sunrise Machinery has its own factory, so the price will be more reasonable than other companies in the market.

The business owner should have a clear view of the productivity of the processing line. A suitable machine can improve the efficiency of production, but the smaller scale drying machine may cause wastage or lower productivity of the whole production line.

The most important thing about the charcoal briquette machine is to remove the moisture through the hot air. The Sunrise Machinery Company uses a special heat chamber to provide hot air for the drying drum to use. The quality of the machine is very important, and the Sunrise has a wonderful reputation among all the brands. So before your purchase, Sunrise Machinery is a manufacturer that you should not ignore.

The charcoal briquette drying machine is a necessary step for adding value to the charcoal briquette. It is perfect for the business owners who want to earn more profits from the raw materials. If you have interest in the machine above, please leave your information, the customer service staff is going to contact you as soon as possible.