• Capacity:  50-1000 kg/h

  • Length:  5-12 m

  • Diameter:  1-3.6 m

  • Power: 10-50 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

Due to the thriving development of charcoal production, people start to have higher requirements for charcoal products. For that reason, the machine manufacturers begin to improve and innovate the machine to follow the developing trend. The pre-processing of the raw materials is a step that may have an effect on the final products of charcoal products. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are starting to work on the preparation. The airflow dryer is a great example of this development trend. The machine can help to improve the quality of the final charcoal products and bring more profits to the owners.

What is an airflow dryer?

Rice Husk Raw Materials

The main function of the airflow dryer remove the moisture in the raw materials. After the crushing process, the materials turn into the powder condition. The airflow dryer is the perfect choice to treat with this kind of material. The machine adopts the motor to form a strong airflow inside the equipment through hot air and dry the wet material with hot air to quickly remove the water in the material.

In normal circumstances, the airflow dryer machine is composed by the feed inlet, hot-air system, drying room, exhaust system, and outlet. All these parts work together to realize the streamline of the drying machine. The airflow dryer can handle smaller pieces of raw materials better. The operators can alter the specific parameters to adjust to the raw materials.

What parts compose the airflow dryer machine?

In order to realize the complete function of the airflow dryer machine, there are several delicate parts to guarantee the smooth operation.

  • Feed inlet: The wet material is put into the drying room through the feeding port, usually by conveyor belt, screw conveyor, and other ways to send the material into the drying room.

  • Hot air system: The hot air system through heating equipment to produce high-temperature hot air, and then through the fan into the drying room, forming a strong airflow.

  • Drying chamber: The drying room is the main part of material drying, hot air in the drying room wet material contact, and evaporation of water in the material, to achieve rapid drying.

  • Exhaust system: The exhaust system is used to discharge the humid air in the drying room, keep the ventilation in the drying room smooth, and promote the drying effect.

  • Discharge outlet: The material after drying by hot air is discharged from the discharge port, usually using a conveyor belt, spiral conveyor, and other ways to transport the dried material to the next process or collection.

What is the working principle of the airflow dryer?

The working principle of the airflow dryer machine is the main reason why the machine can bring better performance. An air flow dryer is a kind of equipment that forms air flow through the inside of the equipment through high-temperature air circulation to dry the wet material with hot air. Three steps can clearly summarize the whole process of drying.

Why is the airflow dryer necessary in the charcoal production line?

Most people believe that the dryer machine is hardly helpful for the charcoal production line. However, the fact may reverse those minds. The unique functions of the industrial dryer machine can not only improve the quality of the final products but also can help the owner to earn more profits.

The Whole Present of The Airflow Dryer Machine

High performance

The airflow dryer adopts hot air circulation drying, and the hot air is in direct contact with the material. The heat conduction efficiency is high, and the water in the material can be quickly evaporated to achieve efficient drying. The airflow dryer usually adopts a continuous drying method, which can realize continuous drying of large quantities of materials and improve production efficiency.

Easy operation

Airflow dryer usually adopts an automatic control system, easy to operate, and can be adjusted according to different material requirements, to achieve intelligent production. Therefore, the automatic system can guarantee the quality of the products.

Airflow dryer
Airflow Dryer Machine

Wide application

The airflow dryer is suitable for drying all kinds of wet materials, including powder, granular, block, and other different forms of materials. Since most biomass materials become debris or particles, the airflow machine is the best dryer machine for powder materials. In addition, the sources of the biomass raw materials can be various. But the airflow dryer machine can deal with all kinds of powder.

What is the price range of the airflow dryer?

50-200 kg/h
200-1,000 kg/h

With all the information above, people must be curious about the price range of the machine. Normally, the price range of the airflow dryer machine is between $2,000-5,000. The price can be hugely difference due to the different requirements of the customers.

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