What is the price range of the palm kernel shell line?

For the purpose of having a better understanding of the palm kernel shell charcoal line, people should learn about the components of the charcoal line. The palm charcoal line consists of several machines. Every machine has its unique role to play, so most machines are necessary in the charcoal-making process.

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine

The Brief Introduction of Palm Charcoal Line

With the enhancement of awareness of environmental protection, more and more agricultural wastes and biomass materials are used as raw charcoal production materials. Palm kernel shells are one of the agricultural wastes that many producers take as the raw materials of charcoal. In order to convert the waste to charcoal production, the charcoal-making machine line is necessary. The price of the charcoal production line can be significantly different due to the different requirements.

Palm Charcoal

The Price of the Palm Charcoal Production Line

All in all, the budget for a whole set of the palm kernel shell charcoal production line is about $15,000-$30,000. the price may have a huge change due to the requirements. Sunrise Machinery Company, as an experienced manufacturer, can customize the machine set for the customers. If you would like to learn more about the machine and the charcoal production line, please feel free to contact us.

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