• Capacity:  2-15 t/h

  • Length:  2.7-3.4 m

  • Weight:  1.1-3 t

  • Power:  22-90 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

The disc mill machine plays the role of preprocessing the raw material in the charcoal production line. With its compact structure, easy operation, low energy consumption, and high efficiency, the disc mill machine attracts the interest of many customers. The simple working principle decides the machine has a rather concise structure. The disc mill machine can fit various industries to deal with the raw materials. Therefore, to provide a better user experience, the manufacturers continuously study and improve the performance of the disc mill machine.

What is a disc mill machine?

The mill machine is equipment that can proceed with the grinding process of wood, branches, bamboo, and other fiber materials. The disc in the name comes from the feed inlet of the machine. In order to contain the wood raw materials of huge size, the circular inlet expands its diameter for the materials to get in easily. What’s more, the machine is portable. The operator can move the machine to the working field to treat the raw materials in a more convenient way.

Portable Disc Mill Machine

For a large-scale working production line, the disc mill machine is the perfect choice for disposing of raw materials. With a capacity of 1t/h, there are not a lot of crushing machines that can compare with. Therefore, the disc mill machine is a solid choice for a wood charcoal production line.

What composes the disc mill machine?

Like other crusher machines, the structure of the disc mill machine can meet the standards of the customers in a simple way. Moreover, the main parts of the machine are the feed inlet, grinding drum, and discharging outlet.

How does the disc mill machine work?

Principle Of The Disc Mill Machine

The work of the disc mill machine is on the basis of basic changes. The core part of the machine is the grinding machine. Being that, that machine offers the extreme power of the machine to realize the proper treatment of the raw materials. The tearing force of the machine is the magic for the materials to get ready for further steps.

The field service truck grabs the raw material and puts it in the disc inlet of the disc mill machine, then the wood will rotate with a disc to enter the mill machine. The grinding machine sets in the machine, crushing the materials that get in the machine. When the process is close to the end, the fragments of the wood material get on the conveyor belt to move to the rightful place.

Where to use a disc chipper machine?

The development trend of the disc mill machine

With the multiple utilization of the disc mill machine, the development of the disc mill machine is rapid to follow the trend of machinery improvement and a better user experience for the customers. As a manufacturer with years of experience, Sunrise Machinery Company learns the requests of the customers to improve the machine.

Multiple usage of the machine

Uniform particle size

With the just right arrangement of the blades, the machine evenly crushes the materials into particles of a certain size. This set can help ensure the consistency of the final products. What’s more, it will be beneficial for the profits of the products.


The mill machine can change its settings according to different materials. In addition, the operator can easily set the machine by the parameters of the final products. The machine can achieve coarse crushing, fine crushing, grading, and other processes. Without a doubt, the particulars in all sizes can take all the functions into use.

Wood Debris
Reliability Of The Disc Mill Machine

High reliability

The machine adopts high-quality materials and a strict manufacturing process to form the equipment. What’s more, this movement raises the reliability and durability of the machine. At the same time, the failure and downtime number of times will have a rapid decrease.

At the same time, the disc mill machine has special traits to make the crushing process much easier for the operator and more profitable for the owner. For the outstanding features of the disc mill machine, the price of it can reach $4,000-$20,000. With the higher demands of the machine, the process of the material may add value to the final products. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about the machine.