• Capacity:  100-3800 kg/h

  • Length:  10-12 m

  • Diameter:  1-3.6 m

  • Power:  25-150 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

With the development trend caring more about environmental protection, the raw materials of charcoal production have a larger range to pick. Rice husk is a new kind of raw material that comes into sight. The processing line can make charcoal out of the rich husk. To ensure the best performance of the rice husk pellet line, there are several machines to play separate roles in processing the raw materials. The rice husk requires lower temperatures than other materials, so rice husk has become a popular kind of material. Besides, rice husk also has other advantages that could bring more profits to the owners. The recycling of rice husk proceeds with the utilization of waste resources and reduction of environmental load.

What is the rice husk charcoal production line?

Rice Husk Line

A rice husk pellet line is a production line of equipment specially used for carbonizing rice husk. Since rice husks are a by-product of rice processing and are often considered waste materials. Through the rice husk carbonization production line, rice husks can be converted into high-quality charcoal for barbecue, heating, and many other industrial uses. The recycling of waste agriculture products is a movement that makes full use of biomass matter. What’s more, the rice husk charcoal production line complies with the concept of energy conservation.

The rice husk carbonization production line can realize the efficient use of waste agriculture resources. In the meantime, it is a good method to reduce waste emissions and provide additional economic income for local farmers. This production line has the characteristics of environmental protection, economy, and sustainability. Therefore, it has received more and more attention and use from the customers. The processing line can produce high-value-added charcoal products. Due to lower price materials, the production line can bring more benefits for the owner.

What composes the rice husk processing line?

To realize the transformation from agricultural wastes to charcoal briquettes, cooperation among the machines of the rice husk pellet line has played an important role in the whole process. Like many manufacturers, Sunrise Machinery Company can provide customization services to meet the different demands of different customers. The clients can choose the suitable mechanical combination to fit the capacity. With its source factory, the company can offer you with the most reasonable price and high quality.

Why choose the rice husk as the raw material?

Most business owners choose wood material as the raw material for charcoal-making, what advantages does the rice husk have can make it replace wood? To answer this question, it is important to know the basic condition of the materials.

What benefits can the rice husk charcoal bring?

As the carbonization materials, the rice husk can provide perfect earnings performance. The original perspective of rice husk limits the potential of this material. Due to the help of the production line, rice husk can become high-added-value products to earn more profits for the business owner.

Carbonized Rice Husk

Energy Utilization

The rice husk biochar after carbonization has a high calorific value and biomass fuel can replace traditional fossil fuel. Moreover, producing and selling rice husk biochar can bring economic benefits to energy utilization. Therefore, the utilization of the rice husk is the improvement of energy utilization.

Waste Disposal

For a long time, people believe that the rice husk does not contain any additional value. They are nothing but the disposal part of the grains. In addition, the only way to treat them is through fire or landfill. Using rice husk as raw material for carbonization treatment can realize resource utilization of waste, reduce treatment costs, reduce environmental pollution, and bring economic benefits.

Rice Husk Raw Materials

What is the price range of the rice husk pellet machine line?

Rice Husk Charcoal

For the production line that can bring more value to the normal materials, the price range of the rice husk pellet machine line has a huge gap. The normal budget range for a large-scale rich husk pellet production line should be set at $20,000-$50,000. Therefore, the cost of the processing line requires the customer to have a clear understanding of the industry, the most urgent thing the customer needs is a trustworthy manufacturer.

Sunrise Machinery Company is a manufacturer with a high reputation and rich experiences. The company can provide the customers with the most professional help and the most caring service. With the source factory, the company can customize the products according to the requirements of the customers. If you are interested in the production line and machines, please leave a message to gain more details about the parameters. The customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible.