• Capacity: 40-230 bag/min

  • Length:  3.877-4.28 m

  • Weight: 450-700 kg

  • Power:  2.6-3.4 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

When the production line making charcoal briquettes comes to an end, it is where the charcoal packaging machine comes into play. In this situation, there are various types of packaging machines in the market to standardize the requirements of the customers. The charcoal packaging machine helps to regulate the final products of the charcoal. With the plastic packing material wrapping the charcoal briquette, the value of the final products enjoys a great improvement. Since many industries use the packaging machine to add more value to their products, the development of the packaging machine is rapid and promising.

What is a charcoal packaging machine?

Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

A charcoal packaging machine is an equipment that uses for efficiently packaging charcoal products in special. The design of this machine is to automate the packaging process, ensuring accuracy, speed, and consistency in the packaging process. The machine usually consists of several key components, including a conveyor belt, a weighing system, a filling system, and a sealing system.

The charcoal packing machine accepts different adjustments and sets to meet the standards of the packing requirements and product characteristics. Hence, the machine can guarantee the quality and efficiency of the product packing. The machine can improve the efficiency, decrease the cost, and perfect the appearance. Therefore, the packaging machine plays an important role in the modern industry.

How many different types of packaging machines are there?

Many industries use the packing machine to finish the production of their own products. In order to be suitable for different kinds of charcoal products, the packing machine changes with the development of a charcoal-making production line to lift the working efficiency up. Here are several charcoal packaging machines that wins the most preference from the business owners.

Shisha Charcoal Packing

Horizontal Charcoal Packaging Machine

The horizontal charcoal packaging machine can wrap the charcoal products up in an automatic way. It uses the horizontal packing form, which assists the charcoal briquettes to get in the packing bags more quickly and efficiently.

Using the charcoal horizontal packaging machine offers several advantages. For starters, it greatly improves the packing efficiency and production capacity. When it compares to the traditional packing method, the machine can finish the batches of final products quicker than manual labor.

Weighing and Sealing Packaging Machine

A weighing and packaging packaging machine is a machinery equipment that integrates weighing, sealing, and packaging functions. What’s more, it can automatically weigh, seal, and package products, creating a multi-task machine in the packing process.

The machine consists of a weighing system, sealing system, transport system, and control system. Using the weighing and sealing machine can save manpower and reduce the possibility of packing errors simultaneously.

Packing Machine

How does the charcoal packaging machine work?

The process that the charcoal packing machine proceeds is similar to other kinds of packing machines. As the last step of the whole charcoal briquette production line, the packaging machine needs to treat the final products gently to avoid unnecessary damage. Therefore, the design of the packing machine devotes itself to packing the products rapidly and gently.

To begin with, the packing materials get into the machine by the gearing to be ready for the further process. According to the positioning device, make sure the materials are in the right place. On both sides of the bag material, there are two forming molds. The upper mold and the lower mold are the impression rollers and sealers. During the operation of the charcoal packaging machine, the two molds move toward the central position to extrude the packing material. Then the movement forms a chamber to contain the products. At the same time, the bag sealer seals the bottom and both sides of the packing bag. The products get into the bag by the conveyor system. Lastly, the sealer seals the top of the bag to ensure airtightness and freshness.

Why the charcoal packaging machine is necessary for the production line?

Why should a packing machine take part in the charcoal-making production line? The uniform packing pattern helps to add more value to the final products. What’s more, with the brand on it, the customer will have more faith in the brand and promote the brand. The main function of a charcoal briquette packaging machine is to package products. Therefore, it protects the integrity of the products, extends their shelf life, facilitates storage and transportation, and enhances their market value.

The technique trend of the packaging machine

Many other industries use the packing machine as well. It means many manufacturers will do the research and development for the packing machine. A company with many years of experience in machine-making, it also has great opinions for the future development of the packing machine. So what can we expect from the packing machine?

All the endowment for the packing machine is the desire to put out the best packing machine to earn the trust of the customers. If you have the intention to upgrade your business or improve your production line, Sunrise Machinery Company is the manufacturer that you can have faith into. Please leave your details if you would like to learn more information about the machine.