• Capacity: 10-60 m³/h

  • Output Particle Size: 50-200 mm

  • Suitable Raw Materials:  solid waste

  • Power:  25-150 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

Industrial pulverizer machine is an important production equipment. Many industries use it to crush big bulk material into small debris or power to meet the standards of further process. In order to comply with different requirements, there are many types of pulverizer machines professional in dealing with raw materials. With the assistance of the pulverizer machine, the pressing and crushing process can have a better performance. The universality of the pulverizer machine decides the wide usage of the machine, and the continuous improvement of the machine also expands the methods of the machine. The development conditions and different functions of the machine may affect the price.

What can an industrial pulverizer machine do?

Industrial pulverizer

For an industrial pulverizer machine, the main purpose is to break down the large pieces of raw materials into granular or powder to be convenient for further processing. As a production machine with high efficiency, it can reuse or recycle wood, paper, plastic, and other materials to support the waste disposal and resource recovery fields. The materials that come out of the pulverizer machine can meet the demands, so the products can bring more profits to the business owners.

The pulverizer machine plays an extremely significant role in resource utilization. The recycling of waste material not only helps to protect the environment but also lowers the cost of production. Therefore, the movement of recycling has a significant meaning for environmental protection and sustainable development.

How many types of industrial pulverizer machines are there?

To satisfy the higher requests for the pulverizer machine, the manufacturers innovate several types of pulverizer machines to be suitable for the industrial process. To deal with materials with various requirements and characteristics, different pulverizer machine has different working principles and a range of applications.

What advantages that the industrial pulverizer machine have?

As the first step of many production lines, the pulverizer machine clearly has the ability that other machines cannot replace. The wide application of a simple machine also represents the necessity of the function of the machine. Many manufacturers are working on improving the performance of the machine, so what advantages does the industrial pulverizer machine have to win the preference of the business owners?

What industries use the industrial pulverizer machine?

The industrial pulverizer machine provides a precise and efficient solution for the production lines, so many industries take the pulverizer machine as an inevitable machine. The universality of the machine decides the wide usage of the machine.

Industrial Crusher

Charcoal Production

The charcoal briquette production is the perfect industry for making full use of the pulverizer machine. In the beginning, the crusher machine needs to deal with the raw materials, such as wood, bamboo, and straws to break them down into pieces. When the materials come out of the carbonization furnace, the charcoal gets into the grinding machine for the precise process. The grinding machine remakes the charcoal bulk into charcoal powders. At this point, the operator can add additives to improve the quality of the product. Therefore, the pulverizer machine is perfect for the charcoal briquette-making process.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pulverizer machine is of value to the pharmaceutical industry as well. The machine can break down the raw materials and pharmaceuticals into pieces that meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry. The uniform size of the materials can improve the stability and solubility of the final medicine.

Feed Inlet
Industrial Pulverizer Machine

Metallurgical Industry

The metallurgical industry, the pulverizer machine putting into full use. The crushing process of ore is the primary task of the production line. Only the pulverizer machine can provide enough strength to break the ore and metal materials into suitable sizes. Then the outputs of the pulverizer machine play an important role in the process of smelting and producing the metal products.

What is the price range of the industrial pulverizer machine?

Material Crushing Equipment

Since there are many factors that can influence to the price, the price range of the pulverizer machine can be extremely huge. The brands, capacities, materials even the application fields affect the price of the machine. The price range of the pulverizer machine is $2,000-10,000. The customer can choose the machine they want after having a clear view of the condition of the factory.

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