How does the Impact Forming Machine Work?

During the charcoal production process, the carbonization is the most important part. People always tend to pay more attention to the machine that conducts the carbonization. However, there is an important procedure that people should focus on. The impact forming machine is also a significant part of the charcoal production line. The forming process brings more added value to the final charcoal products. The forming machine plays an important role in the industrial charcoal production.

There are several kinds of briquetting machines for customers to choose from, such as the roller press machine, the rotary tablet machine, the impact forming machine, and the charcoal extruder machine. Among all these kinds of charcoal-forming equipment, the impact-forming machine is the most widely used. In order to realize the forming process, the equipment adopts the hydraulic system to compress the charcoal briquettes.

Details Of The Briquette Machine

The Components of the Impact Forming Machine

The components in the impact forming machine make sure to realize the smooth function. What’s more, the feed hopper contains the charcoal powder to distribute into the molding chamber. As for the molding chamber, the charcoal powder needs to go through impact and compression. The formed charcoal briquettes can have a stable status and better performance. The working principle of the compression forming machine is easy and functional for the charcoal briquette making machine.

The Working Process of the Impact Forming Machine

After the carbonization, the charcoal bulk gets into the milling machine to grind into charcoal powder. The charcoal powder is the perfect status for forming. The feed inlet of the compression forming machine, absorbs and transports the charcoal powder into the feed hopper. Then, the charcoal powder will be distributed in the molding chambers by the feed hopper. In the forming chamber, the raw material is impacted and squeezed by the impact carbon forming machine, which changes the fiber structure inside the raw material. At the same time, under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the natural binding substances in the raw material are activated to form a solid charcoal or biochar block. Since the freshly finished charcoal bulks are hot and soft, the charcoal products get out of the  forming machine by the conveyor belt.

Parts Of the briquette machine
Pressure System of the machine

The Price of the Impact Forming Machine

The forming machine assists in reshaping the charcoal products to add more value to the final products. In addition, the normal price range of the charcoal forming machine is between $900-$1,200. The customization of the machine is according to the requirements of the customers, the price of the machine can be very different. Therefore, the customer should have a clear understanding of the factory to specialize the machine that is suitable for the production. The biggest factor that can affect the price is the capacity. The purchase should be conducted after a thorough consideration of the production rate of the factory.

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