• Feed Size: 15-50 mm

  • Grinding Roller Height: 100-200 mm

  • Grinding Roller Diameter: 150-410 mm

  • Power:  7.5-75 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

The development and production of the Raymond mill machine starts with the American company, Raymond Company. It has a history of nearly a century. With the development of technology and alteration of the market, the machine also complies with the trend of the era to develop its technology. The main parts of the machine are the grinding ring and grinding rollers, which show the strong function of grinding. With the assistance of the industrial blower, the machine can realize the recycling of raw materials. During the development of the Raymond mill machine, the machine goes through different requirements to provide a better user experience.

What is a Raymond mill machine?

Raymond Mill

Raymond mill machine is a common grinding mill machine. Since the Raymond Company improves and produces this kind of mill machine, the meaning of the name comes from the company that provided the launch of the machine. Under most conditions, the machine is working in the mining industry to grind the mineral ore. However, in the charcoal briquette production line, the mill machine can also find its role in bringing out its great impact in charcoal briquette-making.

The main function of the Raymond mill machine is to grind the hard materials into powder. Generally speaking, the mineral ore is the main raw material for the machine. When the machine is set in the charcoal production line, it is the perfect equipment to grind the charcoal bulk into charcoal powder, so the charcoal can get into many shapes. The mill machine brings a brand new method to deal with hard materials.

What components does the Raymond mill machine have?

The components of the Raymond mill machine are more complex than many other machines in the charcoal production line. The grinding machine consists of two main parts, the principle machine and the corollary equipment. The main machine contains the grinding rollers and grinding rings, which are the core parts of the whole machine. In addition to the principal machine, there are the analyzer, draught fan, separator, dust collector, and pipelines to guarantee the machine’s functioning.

How does the Raymond mill machine work?

Industrial Raymond Mill

Although the Raymond mill machine mostly deals with hard materials, there are still some requirements for the raw materials. Materials with Mohs hardness not greater than 9.3 and humidity below 6% are suitable materials for the machine. Since there are rings and rollers in the machine if the materials are too hard, they may be harmful to the machine, but if the materials are too wet, they may attach to the rollers.

The raw material is added to the machine through the feeding hopper on the side of the housing. It relies on the roller device to revolve around the vertical axis while rotating itself. Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the roller swings outward and presses tightly against the grinding ring. The shovel scoops up the material and feeds it between the roller and the grinding ring. The rolling ring and grinding of the roller proceed with the crushing process of the raw materials.

Materia Debris

What development trend that the Raymond mill machine is catching?

With such a long history, the milling machine now become the state of the art. However, in the past times, the development of this machine also goes through ups and downs. Sunrise Machinery Company devotes itself to the research of the Raymond mill machine to bring a continuously improving machine.

What is the cost of a Raymond mill machine?

Charcoal Powder

As the machine that contains the traditional method of working and present technology of operating, the Raymond mill machine is becoming the equipment that is necessary in many industries. The price range of the Raymond mill machine is around $5,000-$30,000. There are many factors that can cause the huge gap between the prices. The customer can choose the grinding machine on the basis of their conditions.

Sunrise Machinery Company is a choice of the manufacturer the customer should check before the purchase. It is the type of company that has its own plant to produce the machine, so the offer that the company gives to you is a reasonable price in the market. Directly communicating with the manufacturers, this movement saves the cost of finding a middleman. Therefore, if you would like to learn more about the machine, please leave your message in the following E-mail address. There will be customer service staff contact you as soon as possible.