• Capacity: 200-4000 kg/h

  • Number of Blades: 4-6

  • Cutter Diameter: 400-950 mm

  • Power:  11-45 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

In many circumstances, the wood materials are difficult to transport to the wood shredder machine to proceed to the next step. The portable wood shredder machine is the solution to this problem. For moving the materials to the operating area to process the raw material on the spot, the potable shredder plays an important role. With the same basic structure as the wood shredder, the portable machine can achieve the process with easy operation. In order to adjust to be portable, there might be some differences between them. The flexibility solves many inevitable situations, so the machine could bring more profits than many other machines.

What does the portable wood shredder do?

Portable Wood Shredder

The potable wood shredder machine specializes in the difficult situations of wood processing. It is able to shred and crush wood material into suitable sizes and shapes effectively. Flexibility and convenience are the most distinct traits of the portable wood shredder machine, and the portable shredder can gain more attention because of these traits. This equipment can form a complete charcoal production line with other charcoal-making machines, such as the carbonization furnace and the roller press machine.

The portable shredder machine is set with wheels or tracks for the movement of the machine. With the additional parts, the machine can quickly move to different job sites to operate. The portable wood shredder machine can apply to logging, wood processing, waste disposal, and other fields. The machine can turn the big bulks into demand granular size rapidly. This will help to raise the utilization rate and reduce the cost of waste disposal.

What components does the portable shredder machine have?

Like the normal wood crusher machine, the portable shredder machine contains similar parts inside the machine, but the design of the portable shredder machine may have some discrepancies to catch up with the movable trait.

How does the portable wood shredder work?

The portable wood shredder machine utilizes the working principle to realize efficient handling and reuse. The wooden materials can turn the waste wood into usable wood chips, wood powders, and wood debris. The final products are useful for many purposes. Therefore, the machine achieves the recycling of the wood material.

Wood Chips

First, the waste wood, branches, and tree trunks are going to get in the machine through the mesh belt in the front of the inlet. Then the big chunk of material experiences the cutting process to fit in the crushing process. After that, the wood logs get into the crushing phase to get cut by the blades. What’s more, the machine also adapts to the impact of high speed, so this machine combines the crushing and collision in one piece of equipment. At the same time, the machine can simultaneously complete the micro-material sorting process. At last, the final products come out of the discharging outlet for further procedures.

What advantages does the portable wood shredder machine have?

As a new type of preprocessing machine, the portable wood shredder not only contains the advantages of the old model of machine, it also contains the merits that the former machines do not have. The performance of the portable shredder helps the machine occupy a great part of the development of the shredder machine.

Flexible Shredder Machine


The portable wood shredder machine can arrive at any place that needs to process the wood materials at any time. The limitation of working place is not going to happen on the portable shredder machine. The movable shredder machine is the perfect choice for field work and temporary working sites.


The mobile wood crusher uses new crushing technology and equipment to quickly and efficiently crush wood raw materials into the appropriate particle size. At the same time,  the equipment causes low energy consumption and operating costs. The cutting wood chips are hit by the high-speed rotation of the hammer in the chamber of the machine so that the material gets hit at a high frequency. Therefore, the machine can provide a higher crushing rate of the material.

Portable Wood Shredder
Portable Shredder


The wood crusher adopts a mechanical crushing method. For that reason, the process can avoid chemical additives, reduce pollution to the environment, and meet the requirements of environmental protection. Since the portable shredder machine has higher efficiency, the working process would consume less energy to help protect the environment. What’s more, the machine is set with a dust collector. Therefore, the waste materials can be put into the second usage to improve the utilization rate of the materials.

How does the portable wood shredder make profits?

The portable shredder machine usually works in a production line, and the processing line needs to earn more profits. Sunrise Machinery Company commits itself to the process of enhancing the productivity of the machine. There are several factors that the portable machine contains to gain more money.

The portable shredder machine is the equipment that is at the state of the art. The recycling of biomass materials is also a very promising industry in the future. Therefore, if you have an interest in this machine or charcoal production line, please leave your information, the customer service staff can offer you more details about the machine.