Small-scale Biomass Charcoal Production Line in Tanzania

The client is facing challenges in meeting the increasing demand for charcoal production. As a socially responsible company, the client is also looking for a machine manufacturer that can support the trend of sustainable development. The charcoal production line needs to deal with several kinds of biomass materials and put effort into reducing the impact on the environment. Therefore, the small-scale charcoal production line is a perfect solution.

Preparation of the Small-scale Production Line

Sunrise Machinery is the perfect producer to meet the demands of the client. The most advanced and useful machines are the hot-selling machines of the manufacturer. After further discussion, the client decided to invent a small-scale biomass charcoal production line to produce high-quality charcoal products. Sunrise Machinery Company is responsible for giving advice during the formation and design of the production line. When it comes to the delivery stage, Sunrise Machinery Company assigns several professional workers to assist with the installment and application.

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The Working Process of Small-scale Line

Charcoal Production Line

The charcoal production line that the client chooses is a classic module of a small-scale biomass charcoal line. Several key components set the production line up. The first machine of the charcoal production line is the crushing machine. With the cutting and crushing function, the raw materials can break into small debris, so the efficiency can be higher. Then the materials get into the dryer machine. The dryer machine can remove the moisture in the materials. In this way, the moisture does not affect the fin products and machines.

What’s more, the processed raw materials come to the hanging carbonization furnace. This is the most important equipment in the charcoal production line. The hanging carbonizing machine is the perfect choice for a small-scale production line due to its competitive capacity and price. The shaped raw materials are converted into charcoal in the carbonization furnace according to the pyrolysis reaction. When the charcoal comes out of the furnace, the grinding machine is where they go next to get into powder condition. Milling the charcoal into charcoal powder is a method to improve the quality of the final products. It is also convenient for further shaping. The briquette-making machine adopts a hydraulic system to press the charcoal pellet. Last but not least, as the last step of the processing line, the packing machine shoulders the responsibility to promote the brand and protect the products.

Hoist Carbonizing Machine

The Solution of the Small-scale Charcoal Line

Palm Charcoal Making Line

During the negotiation, the client had several requirements for the ideal production line. Therefore, Sunrise Machinery Company uses its years of experience to perfect the customization. At last, when the production line is in position, the client can produce high-quality charcoal products in an environmentally friendly way. The production line significantly reduced the company’s carbon footprint and helped preserve the local ecosystem. The high-quality charcoal products produced by the production line were well-received by customers, leading to increased sales and revenue for the client.

The adoption of the small-scale charcoal production line has not only satisfied the increasing demand for charcoal but also met the requirements of environmentally friendly method. The success of building a waste materials recycling production line has set an example of high-quality charcoal products can also come from the environmental method. It is good for the local industry to set a better condition for the charcoal production line.

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