• Capacity:  1-10 t/h

  • Speed of Mainshaft:  46-60 r/min

  • Number of Blades:  4

  • Power:  11-160 kw

  • Molding Specification:  20-80

Biomass charcoal has now become the most popular renewable energy. Its wide application range attracts more and more people to focus on the production of charcoal. Among all the charcoal products, the hookah charcoal is the unique kind. For the hookah charcoal can directly contact people, the most common materials are coconut shells and wood. The market demand for hookah charcoal is still thriving right now. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to start the business of hookah charcoal production line.

What is hookah charcoal production line?

Charcoal Machine Line

In order to produce qualified hookah charcoal, it is important for people to have a clear understanding of the definition of hookah charcoal. The main function of the hookah charcoal is to work as fuel to ignite the hookah. The hookah culture is prosperous in the areas of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Usually, the raw materials of the hookah charcoal are wood, bamboo, and coconut shells. After the process, the raw materials are turned into hookah charcoal for customers to purchase. During the process, the hookah charcoal production line plays an important role.

Since hookah charcoal contacts people directly, there are higher standards to restrict the production of hookah charcoal. Sunrise Machinery Company can provide customers with the most advanced machine line to meet the requirements of the hookah charcoal production line. With years of machine manufacturer experience, Sunrise Company understands the requirements and standards clearly. A machine supplier with a good reputation is also an important factor of the business. Therefore, choose the perfect products, and choose the professional staff.

What machines can compose the hookah charcoal production line?

The machines in the hookah charcoal production line shoulder the responsibility of producing the qualified products. Several machines are necessary for the hookah charcoal production line.

How to choose the suitable hookah charcoal line?

With all the information above, people may start to wonder how to choose a suitable hookah charcoal production line for their businesses. There are several factors that may make people take into consideration.

What the future of the hookah charcoal production line look like?

Due to the great market demand for the hookah charcoal, the shisha charcoal production line is a great opportunity to enter the promising business. At the mean time, the technology and development of the hookah charcoal line is still ongoing.

Palm Charcoal Making Line

Level of automation

With the continuous introduction of advanced technology, the level of automation can expect a rapid improvement. The machinery operation can precisely control the basic parameters of the final products. So the future of the hookah charcoal line is getting more and more professional.

Energy consumption

The non-stop development of the technology can assist the business owner in improving the use ratio of the raw materials. The higher utilization of raw materials can help the customers to save the cost to earn more profits.

Coconut Transformation
Hookah Charcoal Processing Line

Better quality

The quality of the final products is increasing with the development of the technology. The burning time of hookah carbon is longer and can last for several hours. The heat distribution of hookah carbon is more uniform, which can effectively heat the tobacco or cigarette paste in the hookah pipe, making the smoke more stable.

How much does a 2t/h charcoal production line cost?

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The normal price range of the machine line that can produce 2t charcoal in one hour is between $20,000-$50,000. The machines in the production line can be replaced by other kind of machine. The price can be different due to the machines that the customers choose.

Sunrise Machinery Company is a machine manufacturer with years of experience, so it is perfect for customers who are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer. If you are interested in the hookah charcoal production line and other products. Please feel free to contact us, our professional customer service staff will contact to you as soon as possible.