• Capacity: 5-8 t/h

  • Length:  3.7-6.2 m

  • Speed: 35 r/min

  • Power:  11-22 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

The history of the edge runner mill can date back as far as several centuries ago. It is a processing equipment for grinding. After a long development, the present edge runner mill machine can fit in modern production lines as well. The core part of the runner mill is a pair of heavy stones or metal wheels. The rotation of the wheels grinds the materials into powder condition in a very efficient way. It contains more advantages than the traditional grinding method. The edge runner mill machine experiences many years of development to comply with machinery development trends.

What is an edge runner mill?

Details of Edge Runner Mill

The edge runner machine is a common machine in the grinding field. With its structure, the machine usually turns the materials into their powder condition. The key parts of this machine are the two rolling wheels, and with the rotation of these two wheels, the materials can get into the powder condition. The machine has a substantial impact on the process of charcoal briquette making.

Besides pressing the materials into powder, there are several other functions that the machine contains. During the pressing phase, the operator can add the adhesive and accelerant to the materials to improve the quality of the final products. What’s more, when the materials get into the form of power, it will be easy for the further processing steps. The edge runner mill machine is the inevitable equipment for elaborate processing and it can add more value to the final products to earn more profits for the business owner.

What composes the edge runner mill?

The working process of the edge runner mill relies on a simple physical change. With the compact design of the configurations, the machine only needs a small area to occupy. Although there are many different types of edge runner mill machines in the market, the basic structure of the runner mill possesses no great difference.

How does the runner mill work?

During the pressing process, the condition and shape of the materials experience a great change. The basic working principle of the machine is the physical changes. In order to realize the process of the materials, cooperation among the components of the machine is essential.

Charcoal Powder

When the raw materials get in the grinding pan, two roller shafts start to be functional. With the rotation, the materials get the pressing process continuously to ensure a thorough effect. During the pressing process, the pressure and shear force bring out a significant change to the raw materials. After the working process, the material powder comes out of the discharging hole to get ready for the forming phase. The working process of the runner mill presents the refinement of the raw materials.

What advantages does the roller mill have?

The edge mill machine has a long history of its own development. The design of the modern machine goes through a long journey to be perfect for the customers. Nowadays, the edge mill machine is suitable for the present development trend.

What is the price range of the edge runner mill?

Charcoal Milling Machine

The edge runner mill machine can be a part of many different production lines, so the price of the machine would normally remain in an average range. The price range of the edge runner mill is between $2,000 and $10,000. For customers who want to start a business of charcoal briquette-making production line, Sunrise Machinery Company is the manufacturer that you would not like to miss. It is a company with its own factory, so the offer of this company is reasonable.

Different brands, capacities, materials, and other factors influence the price of the machine. Larger, high-performance runner mills can cost more than $10,000. The specific price of the machine still requires the customer to contact the manufacturer to have clear knowledge. If the customer has an interest in learning more about the machine, please feel free to contact the company. The professional customer service staff can offer you more information about the mill machine and the whole production line of charcoal briquette. The customer service staff are looking forward to communicating with you.