• Capacity:  100-3800 kg/h

  • Length:  10-12 m

  • Diameter:  1-3.6 m

  • Power:  25-150 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

The palm charcoal production line is a new symbol of the circular use of resources. During palm oil extraction, people always consider the palm shell as agricultural waste. The palm shell charcoal production line changes this opinion. The production line uses carbonization as its working principle to bring out the potential of the palm shell. With the main functions of the machines, the palm kernel shell can be converted into biomass charcoal. As an agricultural waste, the palm kernel shell is a perfect material for charcoal-making. To comply with the development trend, the machine manufacturers improve the performance of the machines constantly. The future of biomass charcoal has a large room to grow.

What is a palm charcoal production line?

Palm Charcoal Line

The palm charcoal production line uses the palm kernel shell as the material, producing biomass charcoal to meet the demand of the market. The production aims to transform the palm shell into charcoal products. It is a highly efficient and sustainable process that utilizes the waste materials from palm oil production to produce valuable charcoal products.

The components of the production line work together to convert palm biomass into high-quality carbonized products, which is a good method to create a renewable energy source or a raw material in various industries. The palm carbonization production line not only helps to reduce waste and environmental pollution but also contributes to the development of a circular economy by maximizing the utilization of palm biomass resources.

How does the palm kernel shell become charcoal?

Although the charcoal production line offers a chance for the palm shell to reassert its role, there are still a lot of procedures that the raw materials need to overcome. The charcoal production line usually consists of the cutter machine, the dryer machine, the carbonization furnace, the grinding machine, the briquette pressing machine, and the packing machine. With the functions of the main machines in the production line, the process of the palm shell converting to charcoal products can be completed automatically.

Why use the palm kernel shell as the raw material?

For most raw materials of charcoal products, several common characteristics that can attract the interest of the customers. The unique traits of the palm kernel shell make the material popular in a certain area, providing another option for the business owner to maintain the sustainable income of the production line.

Palm Kernel Shell

Renewable Plant

Palm shell is a waste material that is often considered agricultural waste. The reuse of palm shells as carbonization feedstock can effectively utilize these wastes and reduce dependence on natural resources. The combination of fast-growing kinds of palm and other kinds of biomass can provide a continuous supply of raw materials to realize continuous income.

High Carbon Content

Palm shells have a high carbon content, usually between 35-45%. This makes it a good choice for carbonizing feedstock, which can produce high-purity carbon particles. The higher carbon content is good for the quality of the final product.

Palm Charcoal
Charcoal Briquette

Environmental Protection

The use of palm shells as a carbonizing feedstock can reduce the demand for fossil fuels and thus reduce the adverse impact on the environment. In addition, the use of waste materials can also help reduce the problem of landfills.

What is the price range for the palm charcoal production line?

Charcoal Making Equipment

The palm kernel shell charcoal production line contains several machines to perfect the final effect. The price range of the production line may have a huge gap due to the different details. Generally speaking, the price range of the palm charcoal production line is between $30,000-100,000. If the customer requires for a higher capacity type or higher demands, the price can be higher than $100,000. The customer can also choose to customize the production line to accomplish the intended effect.

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