The price of the industrial pulverizer in charcoal production line

In the process of charcoal production, there are many equipment to assist to realize the process. The industrial pulverizer is an inevitable machine as well. Due to the raw materials coming in with different statuses, the industrial crusher machine can unify the shape and size of the materials. For this reason, the smaller size and shape of the raw materials can help to improve the speed and efficiency of the production process.

General charcoal grinder for quality briquette making

There are many kinds of industrial pulverizers. However, the machine can fit in the process of charcoal production, it must be strong enough to tear the hard materials into debris. The most common pulverizer in the charcoal production line is the double-shaft shredder. With two alternate permutation blades, the machine can put out the best performance to break down the biomass materials. Of course, there are many other pulverizers that are specifically designed for particular materials. For instance, the wood crusher and portable are perfect for dealing with wood materials. What’s more, the machines can also be used in the treatment of other biomass materials.

The Types of the Industrial Pulverizer

Since the customers would choose the machines that are more suitable for the factory’s conditions, there are some unique advantages of each machine. The double shaft shredder is famous for its strong tearing power. Most biomass materials can get into pieces after getting into the double shaft shredder. The wide range of applications is one prominent feature of the double shaft shredder machine. What’s more, the machine is usually made of high-strength alloy blades and wear-resistant alloy steel materials. Therefore, the shredder has strong wear resistance and durability and can work stably for a long time under hard circumstances.

Double ShaftMachine
Double Inlet Wood Crusher

As for the wood crushers, the advantages are also obvious. Most wood crushers only contain a rather small figure so that the machine is convenient to work in the working field. The high flexibility makes the machine not limited by the working places. The portable wood crusher can handle all types and sizes of wood, including logs, branches, and planks, with strong adaptability and versatility. Potable wood shredders usually use high-efficiency engines or electric motors, which can quickly and efficiently crush wood and improve work efficiency. At the same time, some mobile wood shredders also have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, reducing energy consumption.

The Price of the Industrial Pulverizer

With all these advantages, the customer must be curious about the price of the industrial pulverizers. Due to the different conditions and capacity, the normal price of the double shaft shredder can be set between $2,000–$20,000. Therefore, the business owner should have a clear view of their conditions to select the perfect choice for the production line. As for the wood crusher, $2,000-$7,000 is a normal price range for the machine.

Industrial Pulverizer Machine

Sunrise Machinery Company is famous for its trust-worthy reputation and high-quality products, which make the company the perfect manufacturer for business owners. What’s more, the company has its own source factory so that it can customize the machine to the requirements of the customers. The industrial pulverizer plays an important role in the process of carbonization, so people should pay more attention on it.

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