The Establishment of Hookah Charcoal Line in Iraq

The culture of hookah charcoal has witnessed a long history in the Middle East, so the request for hookah is huge. Sunrise Machinery Company has received an inquiry about a hookah charcoal production line in Iraq. Here is the whole process of this case.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Kiln

Due to the thriving development of green energy, biomass charcoal started to come into people’s sight. As a traditional cultural symbol, hookah is still popular among people from the Middle East. Hookah charcoal is one of the most popular charcoal products in the application of charcoal products. Sunrise Machinery Company is a machine manufacturer with tons of experience in setting up charcoal production lines. The company recently received an inquiry from Iraq about the hookah charcoal production line.

The Inquiry of the Customer

Coconut Transformation

The inquiry of the Iraqi client simply states the basic requirements of the hookah charcoal production line. The main raw material of this Iraqi company is coconut powder. Since the main usage of the hookah charcoal is to ignite hookah, the smoke and the charcoal balls can come directly into contact with people. The supplier of hookah charcoal would usually adopt qualified biomass materials as the raw materials. The other requirement the client emphasizes is capacity. The customer would like to purchase a hookah charcoal production line in which productivity can reach 2 t/h.

Once our customer service staff received the information, the detailed conversation was put on the agenda. In order to meet the different standards of different customers, Sunrise Machinery Company can offer unique plans to satisfy the demands. After the discussion, the customer decided on the machine set of the hookah charcoal production line.

The Necessary Machines for Hookah Charcoal Production

The Price Range of the Hookah Charcoal Prodution Line

Palm Charcoal Making Line

The price range of the whole hookah charcoal production line is higher than $50,000 due to the machines are mostly suitable for the capacity. Sunrise Machinery Company with its source factory, can offer the most reasonable price for the customers. Different machine set choices can bring different prices, so the customer can choose the suitable machine according to the raw materials, capacity, and budget.

To start a new business, a trustworthy machine manufacturer is very important. Sunrise Machinery Company enjoys a good reputation among its customers. The Iraqi customer sent his inquiry through our website, so if you are interested in our charcoal machines or production lines, please feel free to contact us to acquire more information through email or telephone. Our customer service staff will be glad to provide you with professional advice and careful service.

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