Rice Husk Briquette Production Line Manufacturer

With the development of biomass charcoal production, the machine manufacturers start to innovate and upgrade the charcoal production line to meet the customers’ requirements. The rice husk charcoal production line is one of the most popular charcoal production line. Sunrise Machinery Company is a machine supplier with rich experience and a good reputation. The company is worth the customers to trust.

Rice Husk Charcoal

With the development of technology, more and more biomass materials can be used as raw materials for charcoal products. The machine manufacturers keep innovating and upgrading the charcoal production line. In order to follow the new trend, Sunrise Machinery Company prepares different solutions for different materials. Rice husk is a rather new kind of biomass material. The company uses charcoal machines to set up a charcoal briquette line to improve the working efficiency and experience.

The Introduction of Sunrise Machinery Company

Rice Hull Carbonization

Sunrise Machinery Company was founded in the 1990s. The company was located in Henan Province, which is the most important grain area in China. Investigating and improving agricultural waste use is necessary for the company. With this exceptional advantage, the company has a better ability to transform agricultural waste into charcoal products. For rice husk, the company can customize the rice husk charcoal production line to meet the requirements and productivity of the customers. In addition, the biggest advancement of Sunrise is the detailed arrangement of different raw materials. Therefore, the customer can have their own unique production line.

The Necessary Machines for the Rice Husk Charcoal Line

In order to set up a rice husk charcoal production line, several machines are necessary for the establishment.

Airflow Dryer Machine

The Dryer Machine

Due to the size of the rice husk being small, the pre-processing of crushing is not necessary in the line. The drying process is quite important for the rice charcoal production. Since the rice hull is an agricultural waste material, the drying process can remove the moisture in the materials. The airflow dryer machine is perfect for the small size materials. For this reason, the quality of the final charcoal products can be higher. Sunrise Machinery Company can provide the airflow dryer machine to help the customer refine its production line.

Carbonization Furnace

The next significant machine for producing rice husk charcoal is the carbonization furnace. As the machine that is responsible for carbonization, the carbonizing furnace can decide the quality of the final products. So that, the customer can choose a suitable furnace according to the conditions of the factory. The larger scale factory can take the continuous carboniation furnace as the equipment. As for the smaller scale, the hoisting carbonization furnace and horizontal carbonization furnace.

Hanging Carbonizing Furnace
Roller Press Machine

The Forming Machine

Last but not least, the last significant machine is the forming machine. The producer always wants to add more value to the charcoal products to earn more profits. That is to say, the forming machine can assist the operator in achieving that goal. What’s more, different customers may have different requirements for the shape of the charcoal. Therefore, the molds of the forming machine can be customized by Sunrise Machinery Company.

The Company Photo

Sunrise Machinery Company is a trustworthy machine manufacturer. It can provide you with high-quality products and careful service. Since the company has its source factory, you can have your unique production line based on your conditions. If you would like to start your business of charcoal production, a realizable supplier, such as Sunrise, is the most important part. If you would like to learn more details about the machine or production line, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service staff can contact you with the most detailed information and the most reasonable offer.

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