• Capacity:  300-400 kg/h

  • Length:  10-20 m

  • Diameter:  1-3.6 m

  • Power:  5.5-75 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

The carbonization furnace machine is an inevitable piece of equipment in the process of charcoal-making. After years of development, the hanging carbonization furnace develops into the horizontal carbonization furnace. In contrast to the last version of the carbonization furnace, the horizontal furnace is more suitable for the present circumstance of charcoal production. The horizontal carbonization furnace has a larger volume to contain more materials at one time. Like other carbonization furnaces, the horizontal carbonization furnace has a similar method of carbonization but in a more stable way. With so many types of carbonization furnaces, the customer can choose the right machine by considering the conditions of the machine and the factory.

What is a horizontal carbonization furnace?

Horizontal Carbonizing equipment

A horizontal carbonization furnace is a kind of equipment used in the process of charcoal-making. The raw materials of this machine can be wood, straw, and other biomass materials. Its name comes from the horizontal placement of the furnace body, which is different from the vertical carbonization furnace and hanging carbonization furnace.

The horizontal carbonization furnace has some advantages and application prospects in the charcoal production process. With the development and improvement of technology, the performance and efficiency of the horizontal carbonization furnace enjoy further enhancement and a promising future. Therefore, the horizontal carbonization furnace is going to be better equipment for the charcoal briquette processing line.

What composes the horizontal carbonization furnace?

Like other carbonization furnaces, the structure of the horizontal carbonization furnace is simple and clear. The combination of the combustion chamber, the carbonization chamber, the exhaust system, and other parts ensures the smooth performance of the equipment. The whole body of the furnace adopts the material of Q245R boiler steel, which has machinability, strength, and toughness.

What is the working process of the horizontal carbonization furnace?

The working process of the horizontal has a close connection with the former and later procedures. The raw materials of the horizontal have rather strict requirements. Most materials are biomass, and the raw materials should get in the machine in the debris or powder forms. The water content is also something that the operator should focus on. As the most important part of the charcoal production line, the operation of the carbonization process is quite easy.

Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

At first, the raw materials come out of the crushing or grinding process and are ready to move to the next step. Then the operator needs to load all the raw materials in the carbonization furnace. As a massive machine, the Sunrise Machinery Company uses the design of the mechanic arm to simplify the feeding process. Therefore, the operator can open the inlet by the control system. After filling the raw materials in the furnace, the carbonization process begins. The combustion provides the heat to the carbonization chamber. During the process, the waste air goes into the exhaust system to proceed with the purification process. When the carbonization process finishes and the material cools down, the operators need to discharge the products to end the working process.

What advantages does the horizontal carbonization furnace have?

The horizontal carbonizing furnace is a common equipment for the charcoal production line. With lots of advantages over the traditional method of carbonizing, the horizontal carbonization furnace is more and more popular among all the owners of charcoal production lines.

Even Heating

Ensure the quality

As the placement of the machine is horizontal, it means that the raw materials can lay evenly in the carbonization furnace. Since the operator fills the raw materials in the carbonization chamber, even heating can assist the operator in loading more materials in the chamber to improve the efficiency of the machine. It takes 4-8 hours to finish 2 tons of materials. Therefore, even heating is the promise of the quality of the final products.

Automation Control

Refine the operation

The horizontal carbonization furnaces usually have automatic control systems. With the system, the operation can achieve precise control and monitoring of the carbonization process and improve production efficiency. The automation control can also be useful during feeding and discharging. With the mechanical arm, the operator can open the inlet and outlet easily to avoid the risk of contact and save the cost of labor.

High Space Utilization

Save the cost

Horizontal carbonizing furnaces use the design of a horizontal structure, with the main body of the equipment lying horizontally and occupying a relatively small space. In contrast to vertical carbonization furnaces, horizontal carbonization furnaces do not require additional height space and are more suitable for installation and use in limited factory buildings. With reasonable designs, the machine can realize simultaneous operation and production of multiple carbonizing furnaces

What is the price range of the horizontal carbonization furnace?

Horizontal Carbonizing Furnace

As the most common equipment in the charcoal production line, the price can have a wide range in the market. The normal price range of the horizontal carbonization furnace is between $5,000-50,000. The huge gap in the price requires the first thing the customer needs to do is to have a clear view of the basic information of the production line for the price of the machine. Then compare the prices of the machine from different manufacturers.

Sunrise Machinery Company specializes in the production of the equipment of the charcoal production line. Since the company has its factory, the machine can be customization according to the needs of the customers. The price that the company offers is still the most reasonable in the market. Therefore, if you would like to learn more details about the machine or the relative production line, please feel free to contact us through the website. The customer service staff will answer your questions as soon as possible.