Why is the Dryer Machine Necessary During Charcoal Production?

In order to produce high-quality products, the preprocessing of the raw materials is also necessary. The dryer machine is one piece of equipment that could improve the status of the raw materials.

Airflow Dryer Machine

During the charcoal production process, there are many machines and procedures to assist the operator in realizing the production of charcoal products. During all these processes, the drying process is one step that people would ignore. The dryer machine has a lower appearance than the charcoal production line. People may wonder why the drying process is necessary for the carbonization line. In order to answer that question, we need to explain the following aspects.

Why is the Dryer Machine Necessary in Charcoal Production?

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Raw materials

For the charcoal production line, the sources of the raw materials are mostly agricultural wastes or plants and other kinds of biomass materials. It means there might be some moisture left inside the raw materials. The moisture may have damage to the final products. In order to improve the quality of the charcoal products. The dryer machine is also an important part of the machine line.


Since most raw materials are the waste materials, the thorough treatment is necessary. After the drying process, the raw materials can be dryer and more suitable for further procedures. Drying can make the organic matter in the biomass material evaporate and decompose, reduce the incomplete combustion and segregation phenomenon generated in the carbonization process, and improve the quality and carbonization rate of carbonization products.

Airflow dryer
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Biomass materials usually contain a lot of water, if the water is still retained during the carbonization process, it will cause the heat generated in the carbonization reaction to be absorbed by the water, thereby reducing the temperature and speed of carbonization. Moisture in biomass materials can be effectively removed by drying machine, and the efficiency and speed of carbonization can be improved.

Different Types of Dryer Machine

Triplet Pass

Besides all the factors above that may affect the quality of the charcoal products, the dryer machine also affects the final products. Since most biomass materials need to go through the crushing machine, the size would be rather small when they get to the dryer machine. Therefore, the airflow dryer machine is the best choice for the drying process. There are many other kinds of dryer machines for the customers to choose from, such as the triple pass machine, which is more suitable for biomass bulks. The rotary drum dryer machine is more suitable for the plastic materials for pyrolysis. Therefore, the customers can choose the appropriate machine according to the budget and raw materials to realize the production.

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