• Capacity:  200-4000 kg/h

  • Cutter Diameter: 400-950 mm

  • Number of Blades: 4-6

  • Power:  11-45 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

In the charcoal production line, the treatment of raw materials is a phase that everyone will talk about. Since wood is one of the most common raw materials of charcoal-making, the wood crusher is a necessary machine for the charcoal production line that uses wood as the raw material. When the wood gets in the machine, the internal blades cut the materials into pieces. The wood crusher can handle the wooden material in a highly efficient and versatile way, which suggests many fields can apply the wood crusher as a processing machine. Since the machine deals with wood, it requires higher standards to make full use of wood materials.

What is a wood crusher?

Crusher For Wood

A wood crusher is a very common woodworking machine, which can process wood material into various shapes and sizes. While in the charcoal production line, the usage of the wood-crushing machine may have some differences. During the process of the charcoal production line, the woodworking machine plays an important role in preparing the raw material. To comply with different circumstances, the machine evolves some special traits to fit the needs.

The biggest difference between the wood-crushing machine and other equipment is the inlet. Normally the wood crusher would only have one feed inlet, but the wood crusher gets two feed inlets. Each one of these two inlets has its own purpose. The square and upright inlet is for logs and other raw materials with wider diameters, and the horizontal and smaller inlet is for wood chips and straws. With these two inlets, the business owner can have a wider choice of the raw material for the charcoal-making.

How does the wood crusher work?

Crusher Details

The main usage of the wood crusher is to crush wood materials for the carbonization process, and then the wood materials change into wood charcoal. Since the wood crusher shoulders the responsibility of preprocessing, the raw material should be in a suitable condition for further steps.

To proceed with the crushing process, the raw wood materials get into the wood crushing machine through the conveyor belt or hopper. There are spinning blades or hammerheads in the wood shredder. According to the high-speed rotation or impact, the inner parts crush the raw material into little debris. After crushing, the eligible wood chips and debris will come out of the machine by the conveyor belt and move to the dryer machine. While the wood crusher is working, the woodworking machine will produce a large amount of dust. In order to maintain the clearness of the environment and recycle the dust, a dust collector or a dust removal device is usually set up on the wood crushing machine to collect dust. For this reason, the wood crusher machine can achieve effective crushing for the wood materials.

What are the advantages of the wood crusher?

The wood crusher contains more advantages in contrast to the traditional method. With all these good traits, the wood crusher becomes the indispensable and important equipment of the wood processing industry.

What other applications for the wood crusher?

In addition to wood crushing, the crusher machine can also be the solution to deal with other organic materials, such as bamboo and straws. The wide choices of raw materials prove that the wood shredder machine has a strong ability to adjust and process.

How does the wood crusher make contributions to the environment?

In order to comply with the requirements of environmental protection, the processing machine should lower its pollution to the lowest amount. Sunrise Machinery Company keeps on studying to reduce the pollution of the environment. Therefore the woodworking machine has several traits that can minimize its environmental impact.

Energy Saving

Customers can save energy by choosing a machine with high efficiency. In this way, less consumption on the products-making but more energy will enjoy a thrift. Sunrise company devotes itself to the study of improving the efficiency of the machine. Therefore, Sunrise Machinery can be one of your choices.

Control Dust Pollution

The wood crusher machine usually comes up with a dust control system to resist dust pollution. The dust collector is necessary for the wood crusher. Since it can not only reduce the pollution of dust, but it can also collect the material that is in the condition of incomplete processing. Therefore, the left material can get into the machine again to experience a thorough treatment.

Waste Treatment

It is inevitable for the machine to produce some waste. How to use the waste in an appropriate way is the key to protecting the environment. The operator can collect all the wastes after crushing and put them into reuse and recycle. For those waste that can not be put them into the second use, the operator should conduct reasonable disposal.

The wood crushing machine is one of the preprocessing machines that has the ability to perfect the production process. With the crusher machine, the production efficiency can also enjoy rapid growth, which can help the owner earn more profits. If you would like to learn more about the machine or the production line of charcoal, please leave your message. The customer service staff will offer you professional help.