The Continuous Charcoal Production Line in Bangladesh

Sunrise Machinery Company is a trustworthy machine manufacturer that has solid solutions for the customers’ requirements. All the hard work helps the company earn a good reputation among the customers. Here is an example of how the company figured out the solution of continuous charcoal production line for the customer.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Kiln

More and more people start to pay more attention to the charcoal production line, so the machine manufacturers start to upgrade the performance of the machine line. Sunrise Machinery Company has years of experience of contracting with customers. For this reason, the company knows what the customers need. Therefore, it is well-reasoned that the inquiry comes.

The Inquiry of the Continuous Charcoal Prodution Line

The customer that sent the inquiry is a customer from Bangladesh. Due to the geographical conditions, the customer wants to take coconut shells and palm kernel shells as raw materials. What’s more, the customer also has the requirement for the capacity of the charcoal production line. Since the abundant source of the raw materials, the customer would like to have a large capacity machine line of 2 t/h. In order to satisfy the requirements of the customer, our staff recommended the continuous charcoal production line.

Coconut Shell

During the Discussion

Airflow dryer

During the discussion about how to establish the most suitable machine line, our staff has put a lot of effort into it. To set up a continuous charcoal production line, there are several machines that are necessary for the standards. It is necessary to have a crushing machine to deal with biomass materials such as coconut shells and palm kernel shells due to their hardness. The Raymond mill is a good solution for this situation. The milling machine can cut the materials into smaller pieces to ease the further procedures. Another important preprocess is the dryer machine. Since the Raymond mill machine can break the raw materials into particles, the airflow dryer machine is the most suitable machine for the machine line. The strong hot wind can remove the moisture from the materials.

The most important machine for this type of line is the continuous carbonization machine. In order to meet the productivity of the customer, the continuous carbonization furnace is the best choice. With the most advanced technology, a continuous carbonization furnace can reach the capacity that the customer needs. Then, the charcoal bulks get into the milling machine again to get into powder condition. Only in the charcoal powder condition, can the final products earn more profits. The packing machine brings more notable symbols for the final products to promote the brand.

Continuous Carbonization Furnace
The Company Photo

Sunrise Machinery Company provided all the machines above. The customer from Bangladesh was quite satisfied by our proposal. The service staff offered more than $50,000 as the offering price. Both sides agreed with the detailed information and setup, so Sunrise Machinery Company will send the workers to help the local operator operate the machines and machine installment. This successful case brings more details and confidence to the customer and manufacturers. If you would like to learn more about the charcoal production machines and charcoal production line, please feel free to contact us. Our customer staff can provide you with more detailed parameters and service. We are looking forward to your reply.

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