• Capacity:  100-3800 kg/h

  • Length:  10-12 m

  • Diameter:  1-3.6 m

  • Power:  25-150 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

In the production line of charcoal-making, the carbonization furnace plays the most important role. The function of the carbonization furnace decides the quality of the final products. This machine uses the carbonization reaction to realize the transformation of raw materials. During the many years of development, there are many types of machines coming into sight. Each one of them has its advantages to gain more attention from the customers. Therefore, the customers can choose the suitable furnace based on their needs. The recycling of biomass materials is a trending industry. That is to say, the biomass charcoal production line contains a promising future to collect more profits for the customers.

What does a carbonization furnace do?

Carbonizing Furnace

As the inevitable machine in the charcoal production line, the carbonization furnace only performs one reaction. The process of carbonization has high requirements for the machine. It can help customers avoid machines with lower quality. In charcoal production, the main purpose of the furnace is to contain the raw material and create an appropriate environment to increase the efficiency of the process. With the assistance of other auxiliary equipment, the carbonizing furnace can provide the best properties to the final products.

The main function of the carbonization furnace is to convert raw materials into charcoals with specific properties through the carbonization process at high temperatures. Besides the charcoal production line, many other industries can put the furnace into use. With proper preparation, the machine can improve the performance and application range of materials.

What is the working process of the carbonization furnace?

The whole process of charcoal production relies on the working principle of the carbon furnace. The working principle of the carbonization machine is mainly to convert the carbon element in the raw material into carbon material through the carbonization process at high temperatures. Different machines may have differences in detailed processing, but the basic principle is to transform the aw materials at high temperatures.

Carbonization Furnace

After the crushing and grinding, the raw materials are ready to get into the carbonizing machine. Some kinds of carbonizing furnaces may contain strict requirements for the raw materials, so the operators need to ensure the parameters of the raw materials are qualified for the machine. When the materials are put in the furnace, the process of carbonization is at the beginning. The carbonizing chamber always connects to the combustion chamber, so the heat in the combustion chamber flows to the carbonizing area to provide energy for the process of carbonization.

In a high-temperature environment, the carbon elements in the raw material undergo a carbonization reaction, breaking down into gas and residual carbon elements, and finally forming carbon material. When the carbonization process is over and the materials get cooled, the operators can open the chamber gate and move the materials out. The cooling phase is necessary to test the stability and quality of the final products.

How many types of carbonization furnaces are there?

The long history of the carbonizing machines development has created many different versions of the carbonization machines. However, with the rapid development of technology, the machine that can be left till present times must have some unique characteristics to win the interest and attention of the customers.

Hanging Carbonization Furnace

Hanging Carbonization Machine

As the carbonization machine that lasts for the longest time, the biggest trait of the hanging carbonization machine is the lower price. The size and parameters of the hanging furnace are the most suitable machines for small-scale machines. The hanging basket of the machine has a rather limited volume, so it could only fit in a small amount of raw materials. The crane that assists the materials feeding and discharging is also a significant feature that reduces the workload of the workers.

Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

When it comes to the stage of horizontal carbonizing furnaces, it means the improvement of the technology experiences growth. The capacity of the machine can reach two tons in 4-8 hours. The horizontal placement provides stability to the machine, and a larger volume can contain more materials at one time. The more materials put in the chamber, the higher efficiency the machine can get. This type of carbonizing chamber is more suitable for those customers with middle or large-scale production lines.

Horizontal Carbonizing equipmentHorizontal Carbonizing equipment
Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Nowadays, the latest type of carbonizing machine is the continuous carbonizing machine. On account of the brand-new technology, the machine can achieve the goal of continuous processing. The former types are batch carbonizing machines. A continuous carbonizing furnace can realize the continuity of the feeding and discharging process of the raw material and handle processes without interruption of operation, thus improving production efficiency and utilization. The capacity of this machine is about 500kg/h. Therefore, the continuous-type carbonizing machine is perfect for the large-scale production process. The customers can choose the suitable machine based on the production conditions.

What advantages do carbonization furnaces have?

The work of the carbonization machines replaces the traditional methods of charcoal production. The improvement of technology brings more convenience to the production process. To be useful and efficient for the processing line, several advantages attract the customers the most.

How to choose a suitable carbonization furnace?

To choose the most suitable carbonizing machine for the production line, the customer should have a clear view of the conditions of the production line. If you are a beginner in this industry, a trustworthy manufacturer is what you need the most. There are several characteristics of the machine that the customers should pay more attention to.

Furnace of Carbonization


The price of a machine is the most important factor for the customer to consider. The price should not be the only thing that the customers should consider, but the quality of the machine is also something that should be put into consideration. The cost performance accounts for a large proportion of the choices of the machine purchase.


Before the purchase, the customer should have a clear understanding of the capacity of the production line. The hanging and horizontal carbonizing machine is suitable for small-scale. As for the continuous ones are the perfect choice for large-scale production lines. Therefore, the capacity of the carbonizing machine can also be useful.

Large-scale Carbonization FurnaceLarge-scale Carbonization Furnace

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