How to make 300 kg/h charcoal from the rice husk charcoal line?

Biomass charcoal is trending as a new green energy. More and more people are starting to realize the potential of biomass materials. Besides the wood materials, agricultural waste materials are coming into people’s sight. The rice husk charcoal line is where the magic happens.

Palm Charcoal Making Line

The Materials of Rice Husk Charcoal Production

Rice husk, coconut shell, palm kernel, and other materials are the most popular materials. Due to the geographical conditions, the rice husk is the most common material source. The machine manufacturers start to innovate charcoal production lines for the rice husk. So, how do the charcoal production machines meet the market demand?

The Dryer machine

In order to set a high-capacity machine line to produce 300 kg per hour, the machines in the production line are extremely important. Since the size of the rice husk is rather small, it is perfect to conduct further steps. The customer can choose the purchase the pulverizer or not. The raw materials then should get into the dryer machine to remove the moisture. The water content may affect the efficiency and quality of the production. Therefore, the dryer machine is necessary to improve the quality of the charcoal products. After that, the processed materials get into the carbonization furnace.

Airflow dryer
Hoist Carbonizing Machine

Hoisting Carbonization Furnace

In order to realize the capacity of 300 kg per hour, a suitable carbonization furnace is the key point. There are three types of carbonization furnaces popular in the market. The hanging carbonizing furnace is suitable for small-scale charcoal production lines. Normally, the capacity of the hanging furnace is near 300kg/h, which is the perfect choice for the production line. In case the customers have high capacity requirements, there are also horizontal carbonizing furnaces and continuous carbonization furnaces to provide higher capacity. However, the hanging carbonization furnace can deal with the 300 kg/h perfectly.

The Roller Press Shaping Machine

When the rice husk gets into the basket of the furnace, the crane assists in closing up the container. Then the combustion room starts to generate heat to support the carbonizing process. When the charcoal products come out of the furnace, the machine line can set the charcoal shaping machine or not according to the demands of the customers. The roller press machine is the perfect choice for a small-scale business to form the briquettes. Reshaping the charcoal products can improve the quality and maintain the shape. What’s more, the uniform shape of the products can leave a good impression on the customers to improve the reputation.

Roller Press Machine
Rice Charcoal Line

The Price of the Rice Husk Charcoal Production Line

The price of the 300 kg/h rice husk charcoal production line is between $20,000-$50,000 (for reference only). Due to the different sets, the price range can be different. Sunrise Machinery Company is famous for its rich experience in producing charcoal machines. With the source factory, the company can customize the charcoal line according to the conditions of the customers. Besides the 300kg/h charcoal production line, the company can also offer many other charcoal machine lines to meet different needs. If you would like to learn more about the charcoal machines and charcoal production lines, please feel free to contact us. The professional customer service staff will answer you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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