• Capacity:  100-3800 kg/h

  • Length:  10-12 m

  • Diameter:  1-3.6 m

  • Power:  25-150 kw

  • Warranty:  1 year

With the enhancement of concepts of environmental protection and energy conservation, more and more easily accessed materials come into people’s sight. These common materials can replace the old-tradition materials and become the new green materials to convert into charcoal. The widely accepted method gives the producers a new route to earn more profits. Rice husk is one of those materials. Normally, the rice husk is taken as the waster materials of agricultural production. However, with the development of technology and the innovation of machines, waste agricultural material is now becoming a well-known green energy source. For the thriving industry, the rice husk charcoal production line is a very promising investment.

Why Use the Rice Husk?

People would wonder how a kind of waste agricultural material becomes an important source of biomass charcoal. For a long time, people believe that wood materials are the best choice to create charcoals. How come the rice husk can replace the wood? There are several advantages that the rice husk contains firm the position of the rice husk.

Rice Husk Raw Materials


The standout characteristic of the rice husk is accessibility. As the waste parts of agricultural processing, rice husk has a large and sustainable supply source. The easy accessibility leads to the low cost of the raw materials. Sunrise Machinery Company has charcoal production machines to help the producer realize a capacity of 500kg/h. 500 kg/h machine line not only requires the machines to be firm enough to hold the capacity but also requires the producer to contain enough raw materials for the machine to process.


Another prominent trait of rice husk is renewable. Agricultural plants have a lot of meaning for the survival of people. Therefore, renewable power is also an advantage for the rice husk. The continuous batch of the rice husk can guarantee continuous production. If the producer chooses the rice husk as the raw materials, Sunrise Machinery Company has the suitable machines to deal with the raw materials.

Rice Husk Charcoal

What are the Necessary Parts of a 500 kg/h Rice Husk Charcoal Production Line?

Although 500kg/h is not an extremely high-capacity production line, the charcoal production line still needs several necessary machines to finish the whole process. The rice husk contains with smaller size, so the crushing process can be reduced compared to other raw materials. What’s more, the rice husk is the waste material of grain processing. There is not much moisture left in the materials. In order to achieve the capacity of 500kg/h, these machines are something that the producer should pay attention to.

How to Convert the Rice Husk?

The whole charcoal production line relies on the chemical reaction of pyrolysis. The transformation of the rice husk charcoal is the same. Therefore, the carbonization furnace is the most important machine for providing a suitable environment for the materials to conduct carbonizing.

Rice Charcoal Line

The pyrolysis process refers to the process of decomposition reaction of organic or inorganic substances under hypoxia or very little oxygen at high temperatures. During pyrolysis, the raw material is usually heated to high temperatures, causing it to decompose into gaseous, liquid, or solid products while releasing heat. The reaction conditions of pyrolysis include temperature, pressure, atmosphere, reaction time, and other factors, which will affect the product composition and yield of the reaction.

In general, the pyrolysis process is an important chemical reaction process, through the decomposition of raw materials at high temperatures, a variety of useful products can be obtained, which provides an important way for resource recycling and energy development.

What are the Advantages of the 500kg/h Rice Husk Charcoal Production Line?

Compared to many other kinds of green energy production lines and traditional carbonization methods, the charcoal production line has evolved in so many aspects. For the charcoal production line, 500kg/h is a rather medium-scale line. For this reason, the advantages of the 500 kg/h rice husk charcoal production line are quite obvious.

Large-scale Charcoal Processing Line

Level of Automation

The carbonization production line adopts an automatic control system, which can realize the comprehensive monitoring and automatic control of the production process, reduce manual operation costs, and improve production efficiency and quality stability. The carbonization production line uses advanced heating equipment and control systems to achieve efficient heating and carbonization processes while reducing energy consumption and saving energy costs.

High Efficiency

The carbonization production line has a large production capacity, can continuously produce carbonized products, improve production efficiency, and shorten the production cycle. The carbonization production line adopts a professional carbonization process, which can ensure the quality and stability of carbonization products, and has a high carbonization rate and carbonization degree, which is suitable for market demand.

Horizontal Charcoal Making Machine

What is the Price of the 500kg/h Rice Husk Charcoal Production Line?

Rice Hull Carbonization

There are many factors that may have effect on the price. For example, the price range of a 500 kg/h rice charcoal production line is between $20,000-$60,000. The capacity is a great factor that may have influence on the price. The price of the large-scale machine line can reach $80,000-$300,000. The customers can choose the suitable machine set according to their conditions and budget.

Sunrise Machinery Company is a trustworthy machine manufacturer. For beginners just come into the industry, a reliable machine supplier is significant. With abundant experience, Sunrise Machinery Company can provide different solutions for different conditions. If you are interested in our charcoal production program, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service staff can offer you the most professional and caring advice.